ISR - CGVW Seminar

Navid Ahmadi

Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Informatics
“Beyond Upload and Download: Enabling Game Design 2.0”
Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Co-sponsored by ISR and the Center for Computer Games and Virtual Worlds.

Faculty Host: 

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DBH 6011

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The participative culture of Web 2.0 has increased the interest of online users in developing interactive artifacts such as games. However, using educational computer games as the media to teach computer programming to endusers has not yet been cultivated in this culture. While several platforms enable sharing games through the Web, the game design process and its educational values are either lost or limited to downloading and uploading the source in order to explore and modify the game program. Ahmadi presents AgentWeb, a first-of-its-kind Web-based game design and programming environment. Targeted for the masses, AgentWeb provides a visual programming environment and run-time system for developing games inside the browser. Built using open Web technologies, AgentWeb can be easily incorporated into the online social networking environments, enabling users to develop, share, explore and customize as they play the game.

About the Speaker: 

Navid Ahmadi is a Ph.D. student in the Faculty of Informatics at the University of Lugano. His advisor is Professor Mehdi Jazayeri. Ahmadi is interested in enabling collaborative and social end-user programming on the Web. His research relies upon Web 2.0, CSCW, and end-user programming. He is also interested in Human-Computer Interfaces, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing, Semantic Web, and Service-Oriented Computing.