ISR Distinguished Speaker

Gruia-Catalin Roman

Harold B. and Adelaide G. Welge Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
“Coexistence, Collaboration, and Coordination Paradigms in the Presence of Mobility”
Friday, April 4, 2008 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Faculty Host: 

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Donald Bren Hall (building #314), room 6011

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Mobile computing is a broad field of study made possible by advances in wireless technology, device miniaturization, and innovative packaging of computing, sensing, and communication resources. This talk is intended as a personal intellectual journey spanning a decade of research activities, which have been shaped by the concern with rapid development of applications designed to operate in the fluid and dynamic settings that characterize mobile and sensor networks. The presence of mobility often leads to fundamental changes in our assumptions about the computing and communication environment and about its relation to the physical world and the user community.

This, in turn, fosters a sometimes radical reassessment of one's perspective on software system design and deployment. Several paradigm shifts made manifest by considerations having to do with physical and logical mobility will be examined and illustrated by research involving formal models, algorithms, middleware, and protocols. Special emphasis will be placed on problems that entail collaboration and coordination in the mobile setting.

About the Speaker: 

Gruia-Catalin Roman has an established research career with numerous published papers in a multiplicity of computer science areas including mobile computing, formal design methods, visualization, requirements and design methodologies for distributed systems, interactive high speed computer vision algorithms, formal languages, biomedical simulation, computer graphics, and distributed databases. His current research involves the study of formal models, algorithms, design methods, and middleware for mobile computing and sensor networks.

Roman was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, where he received a B.S. degree (1973), an M.S. degree (1974), and a Ph.D. degree (1976), all in computer science. He has been on the faculty of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Washington University in Saint Louis since 1976 and served as department chair for ten years. Roman served as associate editor for ACM TOSEM, held leading positions in several international conferences and workshops, and was the general chair for ICSE 2005. He is a founding member of the Saint Louis Information Technology Coalition and an external advisor for the Saint Louis Science Center.