The GridLite DREAM: Bringing the Grid to your Pocket

TitleThe GridLite DREAM: Bringing the Grid to your Pocket
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMattmann, C. A., and N. Medvidović
Conference Name12th Monterey Workshop on Reliable Systems on Unreliable Networked Platforms
Date PublishedSep 22-24
Conference LocationLaguna Beach, CA
ISBN Number3-540-71155-4
Accession Number9552531
Keywordsautonomic computing, decentralized collaboration, decentralized computing, distributed collaboration, Distributed systems software [C6150N], embedded computing, grid computing, GridLite DREAM, information sharing, mobile computing, OODT data grid, Prism-MW architectural middleware solutions, resource-constrained computing, software architecture, software architecture-based grid platform, Software engineering techniques [C6110B], software-intensive systems

The emergence of small, mobile, inexpensive computing platforms has made computation possible virtually anywhere, and has opened up countless opportunities for distributed and decentralized collaboration and information sharing among a wide range of actors. The software-intensive systems of today are increasingly shaped by their decentralized, resource-constrained, embedded, autonomic, and mobile (DREAM) computing environments. In this paper we present GridLite, a software architecture-based grid platform suitable for deployment in DREAM environments. Our prototype implementation of GridLite represents an effective and highly efficient marriage of our OODT data grid and Prism-MW architectural middleware solutions. The ultimate goal of GridLite is to extend the reach of the grid all the way to people's "pockets". Our initial experience suggests that this goal is achievable and worthy of further active pursuit. (27 References).