A Decentralized Redeployment Algorithm for Improving the Availability of Distributed Systems

TitleA Decentralized Redeployment Algorithm for Improving the Availability of Distributed Systems
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsMalek, S., M. Mikic-Rakic, and N. Medvidović
EditorDearle, A., and S. Eisenbach
Conference NameThird International Working Conference Component Deployment (CD 2005)
Date PublishedNov 28-29
Conference LocationGrenoble, France
ISBN Number3 540 30517 3
Accession Number8856055
Keywordsdistributed systems, Distributed systems software [C6150N], mobile computing, mobile environments, polynomial-time approximative techniques, redeployment algorithm, software performance assessment, software performance evaluation, Software performance evaluation [C6110R], software system

In distributed and mobile environments, the connections among the hosts on which a software system is running are often unstable. As a result of connectivity losses, the overall availability of the system decreases. The distribution of software components onto hardware nodes (i.e., the system's deployment architecture) may be ill-suited for the given target hardware environment and may need to be altered to improve the software system's availability. Determining a software system's deployment that will maximize its availability is an exponentially complex problem. Although several polynomial-time approximative techniques have been developed recently, these techniques rely on the assumption that the system's deployment architecture and its properties are accessible from a central location. For these reasons, the existing techniques are not applicable to an emerging class of decentralized systems marked by the limited system wide knowledge and lack of centralized control. In this paper we present an approximative solution for the redeployment problem that is suitable for decentralized systems and assess its performance (25 References).