An Architectural Approach for Decentralized Trust Management

TitleAn Architectural Approach for Decentralized Trust Management
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsSuryanarayana, G., J. R. Erenkrantz, and R. N. Taylor
MagazineIEEE Internet ComputingIEEE Internet Computing
Issue Number6
Date PublishedNov/Dec

To guard against malicious peers, peer-to-peer applications must incorporate suitable trust mechanisms. Current decentralized trust-management research focuses mainly on producing trust models and algorithms, whereas the actual composition of trust models into real applications has been largely unexplored. The practical architectural approach for composing egocentric trust (Pace) provides detailed design guidance on where and how developers can incorporate trust models into decentralized applications. In addition, Pace's guiding principles promote countermeasures against threats to decentralized systems. Several prototypes demonstrate the approach's use and feasibility.