ArchEvol: Versioning Architectural-Implementation Relationships

TitleArchEvol: Versioning Architectural-Implementation Relationships
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsNistor, E., J. R. Erenkrantz, S. A. Hendrickson, and A. van der Hoek
Conference Name12th International Workshop on Software Configuration Management
Date PublishedSeptember 5-6
Conference LocationLisbon, Portugal

Previous research efforts into creating links between softwarearchitecture and its implementations have not explicitly addressed versioning.These earlier efforts have either ignored versioning entirely, createdoverly constraining couplings between architecture and implementation,or disregarded the need for versioning upon deployment. Thissituation calls for an explicit approach to versioning the architectureimplementationrelationship capable of being used throughout design,implementation, and deployment. We present ArchEvol, a set of xADL2.0 extensions, ArchStudio and Eclipse plug-ins, and Subversion guidelinesfor managing the architectural-implementation relationship throughoutthe entire software life cycle.