ISR Distinguished Speaker

Anthony Finkelstein

Department of Computer Science
“Check- Report - Repair”
Friday, November 7, 2003 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm
Faculty Host: 

Email RSVP required to Steve Ponting at by Monday, November 3.

UCI McDonnell Douglas Engineering Auditorium (building #311)

No cost to attend.


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xlinkit is a flexible application service that checks the integrity of distributed documents, databases and web content. It provides powerful diagnostics that generate hyperlinks between elements that violate data integrity. xlinkit has broad application in software engineering and in a wide range of enterprise data settings.

xlinkit was specifically designed to: validate complex documents where traditional database mechanisms and XML schema languages are not sufficient; integrate distributed data by allowing you to check your data wherever it resides; bridge data heterogeneity, by providing mechanisms to check data whatever format or storage it is in; generate portals that provide structured access to complex, distributed data.

In this talk I will show how constraints across data resources can be expressed and checked. I will describe a method for generating links based on the result of the checks and show how this can yield high quality diagnostic information. I will look at how repairs to data integrity flaws can be identified. I will present the architecture of the service and the results of a substantial 'real-world' evaluation.

The talk, which may be of interest to anybody with interests in XML technologies, will be supported by a demo.

About the Speaker: 

Anthony Finkelstein is Professor of Software Systems Engineering at University College London. He is a founder of London Software Systems a new joint research institute established jointly by UCL and Imperial College. He has contributed to research on software specification methods, software development processes, tool and environment support for software development. Recent work has included significant contributions to work on tools for managing model integrity in software development, specification from multiple viewpoints and requirements engineering. His current interests are in the area of managing distributed information in software development. He is Head of the Department of Computer Science and a founder of Systemwire a technology spinout company.