ISR Doctoral Dissertations

Title Authors Advisor Year of Publication
Using Traceability to Support Model-Based Regression Test Selection Leila Naslavsky Debra J. Richardson 2009
Computational REST: A New Model for Decentralized, Internet-Scale Applications Justin Erenkrantz Richard N. Taylor 2009
Uncovering Network-Centric Organization, Robert Steven Abrams Gloria Mark 2009
An Empirical Study of Publish/Subscribe Middleware Versatility Roberto Silva Filho David Redmiles 2009
Multiple Objective Decision Analysis Applied to Software Architectures (MODASA) Lihua Xu Debra J. Richardson 2009
Architecture-Centric Traceability of Stakeholders Hazeline Asuncion Richard N. Taylor 2009
Urban Aesthetics Reframing Mobility for Ubiquitous Computing Johanna Brewer Paul Dourish 2009
Concern-Driven Software Evolution Eugen Nistor André van der Hoek 2009
Supporting Architecture-and Policy-Based Self-Adaptive Software Systems John Georgas Richard N. Taylor 2008
An Ethnographic Examination of the Relationship of Gender and End-User Programming, Jennifer Rode Paul Dourish 2008
Palantír: Enhancing Configuration Management Systems with Workplace Awareness to Detect and Resolve Emerging Conflicts Anita Sarma André van der Hoek 2008
Supporting Stakeholder-Driven Multi-View Software Architecture Modeling Eric M. Dashofy Richard N. Taylor 2007
Can One-To-One Laptops Level the Playing Field? Michele Rousseau Debra J. Richardson 2007
Selection and Architecture-Based Composition of Trust Models in Decentralized Applications Girish Suryanarayana Richard N. Taylor 2007
SimSE: A Software Engineering Simulation Environment for Software Process Education Emily Navarro André van der Hoek 2006