ISR Doctoral Dissertations

Title Authors Advisor Year of Publication
SURE: Secure and Usable Requirements Engineering Jose Romero-Mariona Debra J. Richardson 2010
Creating, Maintaining and Building Task Specific Concern Map for Supporting as Needed Program Comprehension Sukanya Ratanotayanon 2010
A Framework for Privacy-Enhanced Personalization Yang Wang Alfred Kobsa 2010
Discovering and Modeling Open Source Software Processes Chris Jensen André van der Hoek 2010
Mobilizing Practice: Engaging Space, Technology and Design from a Thai Metropolis Amanda Williams Paul Dourish 2009
Reconciling Privacy and Awareness in Loosely Coupled Collaboration Sameer Patil Alfred Kobsa 2009
Temporal Patterns of Communication in the Workplace Norman Makoto Su Gloria Mark 2009
Using Traceability to Support Model-Based Regression Test Selection Leila Naslavsky Debra J. Richardson 2009
Computational REST: A New Model for Decentralized, Internet-Scale Applications Justin Erenkrantz Richard N. Taylor 2009
Uncovering Network-Centric Organization, Robert Steven Abrams Gloria Mark 2009
An Empirical Study of Publish/Subscribe Middleware Versatility Roberto Silva Filho David Redmiles 2009
Multiple Objective Decision Analysis Applied to Software Architectures (MODASA) Lihua Xu Debra J. Richardson 2009
Architecture-Centric Traceability of Stakeholders Hazeline Asuncion Richard N. Taylor 2009
Urban Aesthetics Reframing Mobility for Ubiquitous Computing Johanna Brewer Paul Dourish 2009
Concern-Driven Software Evolution Eugen Nistor André van der Hoek 2009