ISR Doctoral Dissertations

Title Authors Advisor Year of Publication
Designing Citizens in Transnational India Lilly Irani Paul Dourish 2013
Innovation Infrastructures to Transform the Mexican Internet Industry: the Case of the Startup Community Ruy F. Cervantes Bonnie Nardi 2013
A Tagging-Based Approach for Eliciting Requirements in Established Domains Leyna C. Cotran Richard N. Taylor 2013
Component Utilization and Software Quality Joel Ossher Cristina Videira Lopes 2013
Calico: An Early-Phase Software Design Tool Nicolas Mangano André van der Hoek 2013
Supporting Trust in Globally Distributed Software Teams: The Impact of Visualized Collaborative Traces on Perceived Trustworthiness Erik Trainer David Redmiles 2012
Cultivating Creative China: Making and Remaking Cities, Citizens, Work & Innovation Silvia Lindtner Paul Dourish 2012
Enhancing Architecture-Implementation Conformance with Change Management and Support for Behavioral Mapping, Yongjie Zheng Richard N. Taylor 2012
Recovery, Resilience and Beyond: ICT Use During Ongoing Disruption Bryan Semaan Gloria Mark 2012
Production of Use: Re-Conceptualizing the User in Low-Income Communities in Urban India Nithya Sambasivan Bonnie Nardi 2012
How Software Developers Solve Problems by Searching for Source Code on the Web: Studies on Judgments in Evaluation of Results and Information Use Rosalva E. Gallardo-Valencia 2012
From Interaction to Performance in Public Displays Judy Chen Paul Dourish 2011
Tree Ensembles for Learning to Rank Yasser Ganjisaffar Cristina Videira Lopes 2011
Measuring Content Quality in User Generated Content Systems: A Machine Learning Approach, Sara Javanmardi Cristina Videira Lopes 2011
Rethinking Participation Yong M. Kow Bonnie Nardi 2011