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xArch/xADL Data Binding Library

xArch/xADL Data Binding Library

xADL data binding libraries are stored within the plug-ins that contain their respective xADL schema. (To see how this is done, see the Apigen tool.) The advantage to this approach is that new schema can be automatically incorporated into ArchStudio's ArchEdit tool when it is compiled with those plugins.

Using the Data Binding Library

The data binding library is built upon the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). There are three ways that the data binding library can be used:

  • Automatically (in ArchEdit), by ArchStudio
  • Through an ArchStudio extension
  • Directly, by an application

ArchStudio automatically initializes all data binding libraries. However, in the latter case when using a library outside of ArchStudio, you must initialize the data binding libraries manually. This is done by simply referring to the eINSTANCE variable of the generated EPackage . For instance, the following line of code initializes the structure data binding library.


For a complete example, take a look at

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