Debra Richardson and Alums Reunite at ISR Forum

Michelle Rousseau (Ph.D. 2007), Owen O’Malley (Ph.D. 1996), Prof. Debra Richardson; Hadar Ziv (Ph.D. 1997), Kristina Winbladh Nasr (Ph.D. 2010), and Jose Romero-Mariona (PhD. 2010).The ISR Research Forum on June 2 enabled a reunion for Prof. Debra Richardson and a number of her alumni, including: Prof. Michelle Rousseau, Chair, Dept. of Computer Science, Saddleback College; Dr. Owen O’Malley, Co-Founder and Technical Fellow, Hadoop/HortonWorks—and Forum Keynote speaker; Hadar Ziv, Lecturer, Dept. of Informatics, UCI School of ICS; Dr. Kristina Winbladh Nasr, Technical Program Manager, Google; and Dr. Jose Romero-Mariona, Lead Research Scientist, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Pacific (SPAWAR).

This article appeared in ISR Connector issue: