Prof. Richard Taylor Receives Distinguished Alumni Award

Prof. Richard N. Taylor (center) with wife Lily May Taylor and alum Prof. Ken Anderson, CU Boulder.Director Richard N. Taylor has been bestowed the 2017 Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award from the University of Colorado Boulder College of Engineering & Applied Science for his contributions to computer science Education. Taylor obtained his M.S. in Computer Science in 1976 from CU Denver and his Ph.D. in 1980 from CU Boulder. The awards are granted annually to outstanding graduates and friends of the College of Engineering and Applied Science who have distinguished themselves through outstanding personal qualities, knowledge, and significant contributions to their fields. CU Boulder cited Taylor as a top contributor in the field of information and computer sciences who led a research group that produced the HTTP/1.1 protocol and other key technologies underpinning the web. Taylor also previously served on the CU Boulder computer science advisory board. Alumnus Prof. Ken Anderson, CU Boulder, was on hand for the award presentation. For more information, visit the University of Colorado Boulder website.

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