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Welcome to the new Southern California Software Engineering Symposium!

This one-day symposium brings together researchers, leaders in industry, and technical practitioners to Southern California to discuss trends in the field of software engineering, showcase current research, and formulate visions on strategic future research and technological directions. We encourage interaction among academia and industry through exchange of ideas and sharing of experiences. Our goal is to foster relationships, stimulate collaborative research, and encourage technology transition. All areas of software engineering are within the scope of symposium, from human-aspects of software development, to software testing, to software architecture, and more. We hope you will join us as we look to the future and explore new ideas and new applications. 

Sam Malek, ISR Director

Thank you for making SuCSES 2019 a succses!

The list of presenters includes:

  • Prof. Iftekhar Ahmed, UCI
    "Improving Quality of Software Using Bug Proneness Prediction"
  • Prof. Tevfik Bultan, UC Santa Barbara
    "Side Channel Analysis Using a Model Counting Constraint Solver and Symbolic Execution"
  • Prof. William Griswold, UC San Diego
    "Differential Invariants for Assisting Development and Code Review"
  • Prof. Cristina Videira Lopes, UCI
    "GOT: Git, but for Objects"
  • Prof. Nenad Medvidović, University of Southern California (USC)
    "Mining Architectural Information to Stem Technical Debt"
  • Prof. Manu Sridharan, UC Riverside
    "Moving Fast with High Reliability using Pluggable Types"
  • Prof. Yongjie Zheng, California State University San Marcos
    "Maintaining Architecture-Implementation Conformance to Enable Architecture Centrality"

Details are available on the program page. Check each session for talk abstracts, presenter bios, and videos of the talks.