9:10 am to 10:10 am
SESSION CHAIR:  André van der Hoek
When Everything is an Experiment – Software Engineering in the Age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
Head of Innovation Center Newport Beach
Keynote Abstract

With the introduction of big data analytics and artificial intelligence in customer-facing applications (notable examples are Amazon Alexa, Facebook, Google Search) over the past 15 years, what used to be applications with well-defined behavior has evolved into real-world laboratories at scale. In such an environment, new use cases are discovered after the fact from patterns in user requests, new algorithms and methods are developed on data collected in live customer traffic, and validation and tuning is performed by multi-variate testing against segmented user populations. In this talk, we will review how such an approach relates to a more traditional “function-first” view towards building production-grade software, and will describe some of the key challenges that need to be solved when building such experimentation-first environments. We will conclude by illustrating how we think about incorporating these ideas in our work towards realizing the intelligent hospital at the new SAP Innovation Center in Newport Beach.

About the Keynote

Hans-Martin Will is heading up the SAP Innovation Center in Newport Beach, leading efforts at the intersection of artificial intelligence and healthcare with the goal of realizing the intelligent hospital of the future. Prior to joining SAP, Martin worked at Amazon, where he led several engineering efforts in the areas of machine learning at scale and distributed systems within AWS and the Alexa organization. Earlier in his career, Martin spent more than a decade at the intersection of machine learning and life sciences working in leadership roles at Merck Research Labs and the Microsoft Health Solutions Group. Martin holds a PhD in theoretical computer science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.