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Aspect-Oriented Software Development Beyond Programming

H1: Aspect-Oriented Software Development Beyond Programming

Saturday, May 20, 2006 - Morning


Awais Rashid, Lancaster University
Alessandro Garcia, Lancaster University
Ana Moreira, New University of Lisbon


The focus of this tutorial is on providing attendees with a sound knowledge, rooted in concrete examples based on real-world scenarios, on how to employ aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) beyond the programming stage of the software development life cycle. The tutorial covers how to use AOSD techniques to systematically treat crosscutting concerns during requirements engineering, architecture design and detailed design as well as the mapping between aspects at these stages. The discussion is based on concrete methods, tools, techniques and notations drawn from the current state-of-the-art in research on Early Aspects. With a clear focus on composition, modelling, trade-off analysis and assessment methods, the tutorial imparts an engineering ethos for the attendees to translate into their day-to-day aspect-oriented software development processes and practices.


Dr. Awais Rashid is a faculty member in the Computing Department at Lancaster University where he leads research in aspect-oriented software engineering. He is also coordinator of the European Network of Excellence on Aspcet-oriented Software Development (AOSD). He co-edited IEE Proceedings - Software special issue on Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering and Architecture Design and is the founding co-editor-in-chief of the recently launched journal: Transactions on AOSD. He has served on the programme or organizing committee of the AOSD conference since its launch in 2002. He is programme co-chair for AOSD 2006 and is also actively involved in organizing the Early Aspects series of workshops at AOSD, OOPSLA and ICSE. He has published over 40 papers and given several invited talks, seminars and tutorials in the area of AOSD. He is author of the book Aspect-Oriented Database Systems and was awarded the Lancaster University Research Prize for 2004 for his work on AOSD.

Dr. Alessandro Garcia is a faculty member in the Computing Department at Lancaster University. His main research interests are in empirical software engineering, software metrics, software architecture, exception handling and AOSD. He is particularly interested in investigating fundamental properties underlying aspect-oriented software architectures and in their experimental assessment. His recent research has focused on studying the interplay between software architecture issues and other important research areas, such as reflective systems, multi-agent systems and error handling. He has also defined a metrics suite for AOSD and an architectural, aspect-oriented approach for developing multi-agent systems. In the last 4 years he co-authored 6 journal papers, 7 book chapters and 30 conference and workshop papers. He has organized 5 workshops and co-edited 3 Springer books related to the areas mentioned above. He has taught several tutorials related to AOSD and is co-editing a special issue on AOSD of the Brazilian Computer Society Journal.

Dr. Ana Moreira is an assistant professor at the New University of Lisbon. Her research interests include aspect-oriented requirements engineering and design, model-driven engineering, and object-oriented systems. She is a co-editor of the IEE Software Proceedings special issue on Early Aspects and is an editorial board member of Transactions on Aspect-Oriented Software Development and Software and Systems Modeling. She is/has been a member of the ECOOP, CAiSE, UML and AOSD Program Committees for several years and is steering committee chair for the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS 2006). She is also co-organizer of the Early Aspects workshops series (www.early-aspect.net).

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