Posters and Demonstrations

A highlight of the annual forum is the reception with posters and demonstrations. Each year, we feature approximately 30 research project posters/demos. This is a great place to meet students, faculty, and staff and to learn more about ISR.

Lihua Xu and Mamadou Diallo presenting their work at the ISR Forum reception

So, You Think You Are a Requirements Engineer? (Poster)
Visitor: Ban Al-Ani, UCI/ISR
Faculty Host: Susan Sim, UCI/ISR
Sourcerer: A Search Engine for Open Source Code Supporting Structure-Based Search (Demo, Poster)
Student: Sushil Bajracharya, UCI/ISR, Trung Ngo*, UCI/ISR
Advisor: Cristina Lopes, UCI/ISR
Student: Erik Linstead*, UCI/IGB, Yimeng Dou, UCI/IGB, Paul Rigor, UCI/IGB
Advisor: Pierre Baldi, UCI/IGB
An Environment for Software and Systems Architecture Modeling (Demo, Poster)
Student: Eric M. Dashofy, UCI/ISR
Advisor: Richard N. Taylor, UCI/ISR
A Model-Driven Framework for Architectural Evaluation of Mobile Software Systems (Demo, Poster)
Student: George Edwards, USC
Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC/ISR
EASEL: an Extensible Architecting Support Environment with Layers (Demo)
Student: Scott A. Hendrickson, UCI/ISR
Advisors: Richard N. Taylor, UCI/ISR, André van der Hoek, UCI/ISR
HRI Infrastructure Project (Demo)
Research Staff: Yuzo Kanomata, UCI/ISR
Faculty: Robert Nideffer UCI/ISR, Walt Scacchi UCI/ISR
A Framework for Selecting Large-scale, Distributed Data-intensive Software Connectors (Poster)
Student: Chris A. Mattmann, JPL/USC
Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC/ISR
Collaborator: Daniel J. Crichton, JPL/USC
SimSE: An Educational Software Engineering Simulation Game (Demo, Poster)
Student: Emily Navarro, UCI/ISR
Advisor: André van der Hoek, UCI/ISR
Usable Security: Towards a Trustable Information Infrastructure (Demo, Poster)
Research Staff: Kari Nies, UCI/ISR
Student: Roberto Silva Filho, UCI/ISR
Advisors: Paul Dourish UCI/ISR, David Redmiles UCI/ISR
Strategy Based Architecting (SBA) (Poster)
Visitor: Tatsuhiro Nishioka, Toshiba Corporation/UCI/ISR
Faculty Host: Richard N. Taylor, UCI/ISR Director
Concern Exploration and Visualization from Architecture to Code and Back (Demo, Poster)
Student: Eugen Nistor, UCI/ISR, Ravi Chodavarapu, UCI/ISR
Advisor: André van der Hoek, UCI/ISR
PRISM - PRivacy-Sensitive Messaging (Demo)
Student: Sameer Patil, UCI/ISR
Advisors: Alfred Kobsa, UCI/ISR, Hadar Ziv, UCI/ISR
Wanted: Software Engineering Expertise (Poster)
Student: Sukanya Ratanotayanon, UCI/ISR
Advisor: Susan Sim, UCI/ISR
Estimating Software Component Reliability by Leveraging Architectural Models (Poster)
Authors: Roshanak Roshandel, SU/ISR, Somo Banerjee*, USC, Leslie Cheung, USC, Leana Golubchik, USC
Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC/ISR
Palantír - Distributed Awareness in Configuration Management (Poster)
Student: Anita Sarma, UCI/ISR
Advisor: André van der Hoek, UCI/ISR
An Energy Consumption Framework for Distributed Java-Based Software Systems (Poster)
Student: Chiyoung Seo, USC/ISR
Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC/ISR
The Disciplinary Rhetoric of Knowledge Management in an Aerospace Industry Community (Poster)
Student: Norman Makoto Su, UCI/ISR
Advisor: Gloria Mark, UCI/ISR
Student: Hiroko N. Wilensky, UCI/ISR
Advisor: David Redmiles, UCI/ISR
Architectural Support for Trust Models in Decentralized Applications (Poster)
Student: Girish Suryanarayana, UCI/ISR, Mamadou H. Diallo, UCI/ISR, Justin R. Erenkrantz, UCI/ISR
Advisor: Richard N. Taylor, UCI/ISR
Ariadne - Managing Software Development Complexity (Poster)
Student: Erik Trainer, UCI/ISR, Stephen Quirk, UCI/ISR
Advisor: David Redmiles, UCI/ISR
Lighthouse: Using Emerging Design to Improve Team Coordination (Poster)
Students: Chris Van der Westhuizen, UCI/ISR, Ping Chen, UCI/ISR
Advisor: André van der Hoek, UCI/ISR
Specification-based Testing using Goals, Plans, and Scenarios (Poster, Demo)
Students: Kristina Winbladh, UCI/ISR
Advisor: Debra J. Richardson, UCI/ISR, Thomas Alspaugh, UCI/ISR
An Architectural Style for High-Performance Asymmetrical Parallel Computations (Poster)
Student: David Woollard, USC/ISR
Advisor: Nenad Medvidovic, USC/ISR

(* Primary Presenters)

More to come... check back soon for a detailed listing.