Scacchi Co-Edits Book on Computer Games and Software Engineering

Prof. Walt Scacchi and Kendra M.L. Cooper have co-edited the book Computer Games and Software Engineering which was released in May. 

Computer games represent a significant software application domain for innovative research in software engineering techniques and technologies. Game developers, whether focusing on entertainment-market opportunities or game-based applications in non-entertainment domains, thus share a common interest with software engineers and developers on how to best engineer game software.

Featuring contributions from leading experts in software engineering, the book provides a comprehensive introduction to computer game software development that includes its history as well as emerging research on the interaction between these two traditionally distinct fields.

An ideal reference for software engineers, developers, and researchers, this book explores game programming and development from a software engineering perspective. It introduces the latest research in computer game software engineering (CGSE) and covers topics such as HALO (Highly Addictive, sociaLly Optimized) software engineering, multi-player outdoor smartphone games, gamifying sports software, and artificial intelligence in games.

 The book is part of the Chapman & Hall/CRC Innovations in Software Engineering and Software Development Series, and is available on Amazon.

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