ISR Community Provides Feedback on Research Projects

ISR would like to thank those of you who responded to two recent calls for volunteers sent to the ISR email list by Professor and Informatics Dept. Chair André van der Hoek and his research group.  They were particularly looking for professionals who could help them evaluate new ideas and tools in the areas of code search and crowdsourcing software programming, respectively.

Prof. André van der Hoek Many of you responded and participated for a few hours in the experiments, and the results could not have been better.  The feedback and comments for the new CodeExchange ( search engine, for instance, helped both shape its current features and led to a key observation that diversity in code search results is as important as relevancy (a result that led to a subsequent experiment that formed the basis for the paper “Sameness: An Experiment in Code Search” by Ph.D. student Lee Martie and Prof. van der Hoek that was just published in Mining Software Repositories, a major conference in the field).

In much the same way, the frank (the way we would expect from you!) feedback about CrowdCode, a new experimental platform for programming with microtasks, has not only helped van der Hoek and his research group envision further advances in their approach, but also provided them with the necessary data to be able to write and submit several papers.

We hope many of you will think about volunteering for future such calls.  A professional perspective from those in practice is invaluable to our work!

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