About ISR

Our goal is to advance software engineering and information technology by fostering innovative basic and applied research.  We support a community of researchers and place high-value on cooperative partnerships. We work with established companies, start-ups, government agencies, and standards bodies to develop and transition technologies to widespread and practical application.  We also support the education of the next generation of software researchers and practitioners, providing a vibrant community in which, e.g., students pursuing a Ph.D. or Masters degree in Software Engineering participate.  We innovate, write code, and eat a lot of pizza!

Research emphases of the Institute include software architecture, decentralized development and applications, configurable distributed systems, design, Internet-scale event notification, web technologies, computer-supported cooperative work, human-computer interaction, visualization, privacy and security, open source software development, ubiquitous computing, software understanding, software processes, requirements engineering, analysis and testing, software engineering education, and game culture and technologies.

ISR researchers are engaged in a wide variety of sponsored research projects   Many are funded by the National Science Foundation.  Other sponsors and supporters include the U.S. Navy, the San Francisco Symphony, Northrop Grumman, Panasonic, and The Aerospace Corporation. 

ISR supports the research community through conference management services.  ISR staff have supported, for example, the 33rd International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2011) and the 26th and 28th Annual ACM Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH 2011 and SPLASH 2013). ISR faculty, staff, and graduate students played key roles in these conferences. 

Regular meetings on campus support a vibrant community.  These meetings include a Distinguished Speaker Series,  now in its thirteenth year. This highly successful series typically features four internationally renowned speakers.   An annual Research Forum caps the year: this meeting features talks by the ISR faculty, an open house for visiting the labs, a poster session, and an invited keynote speaker.
And then there’s pizza!  ISR hosts monthly meetings of the Software Research Group, which is comprised of faculty, students, and staff researchers spread across the School of ICS Department of Informatics, the School of ICS Department of Computer Science, and the School of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. These meetings foster community and build working relationships. 
ISR is consistently involved in external activities as well. For the tenth year, The Aerospace Corporation’s Ground Systems Architecture Workshop (GSAW) was held in cooperation with ISR. 

ISR is an affiliate of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology - Calit2.